Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sheeny & Alex's Engagement Shoot

From childhood on my sister and I have always been opposites; in fact we have rarely seen eye to eye on anything. I am a natural blonde (although admittedly more like orange these days) whilst she is brunette.  I have always swayed towards all things that are of a blue tone, she always went vibrant pink. She is very much a Dog person, I loyally remain a crazy cat lady. It comes as no surprise then that in planning our weddings we behaved very differently. I was extremely bossy, highly volatile and lost my marbles on many an occasion. Sheeny was laid back, content and generally not too fussed about anything!

I offered to do them an engagement shoot, and In my mind I thought simple- choose a day, go to chosen location, shoot shoot shoot, edit edit edit-win win win! But of course I did not account for my sister being her usual self! The date changed many times, on the day we drove around aimlessly around for hours searching for a location and when we did  finally settle on somewhere Sheeny spent half an hour trying to decide what outfit to change into! Despite all of this once we were all ready, we were able to chill out by the water at Brockholes nature reserve (whilst trying not to freeze in the bizzarely cold may wind) and I got some nice photos...and to my joy a big mug of coffee after!



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